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For Business

We are the only company in Nishijin, the birthplace of velvet in Japan, that specializes in weaving velvet on a shuttle loom.

Our velvet is woven with meticulous craftsmanship, has beautiful pile, and can be machine-washed. We will meet your needs for adding value to your products with our highest quality, safe and secure, made-in-Japan fabric.

In addition to cosmetic puff fabric, it can be used for a wide range of purposes such as baby products, cushion fabric, stuffed animals, and inner and outer fabrics for bags.

Examples of utilization

Cushions and plush toys

Fans are raving about the texture that makes you want to rub it against your cheek and hold onto it forever.

The inside of an eyeglasses case

We are honored that a personal brand that is committed to creating unique products has chosen to use our fabric as a staple material for their products.

Somacho’s technology

Somacho’s puff fabric has earned the trust of many customers and cosmetic manufacturers,
and currently holds about 60% of the domestic production share for velvet puff fabric.

Obsessively woven fabric

Using our shuttle loom machine that we have been improving for over 50 years, we weave slowly and carefully with expert craftsmanship to achieve high density. Because of this, there is no worry of pile coming off during washing machine cycles and the fluffiness is restored firmly during the dehydration process. In addition, it is possible to change the pile length from 1.2mm to 7mm in increments of 0.2mm.

Smooth and gentle on the skin puff fabric

From the perspective of reducing stress on the skin, we have carefully selected fine, soft, and resilient threads that can withstand washing. The tips are fluffy and gentle, and the fabric is kind to the skin as there is minimal contact with the skin surface.

All threads used are made in Japan

There are about 10 types of pile yarns made of chemical/natural fibers, and we also have our own custom yarns. All the chemical fibers are high-quality yarns made in Japan, so you can use them with confidence.

Variety of Puff Fabrics

We offer a variety of puff fabrics created by combining different types of threads, pile lengths, and colors. Representative products include fabrics with a firm pile but soft tips that touch the skin, and fabrics made by standing about 195,000 filaments of silk half the thickness of regular silk at a high density of per square centimeter. For regular orders and bulk orders, all fabrics can be ordered as customized originals.

Detailed dyeing and weaving processing support

Our domestic group companies have the technical expertise to achieve a firm pile and delicate coloration in dyeing processing. We can provide not only weaving, but also high-quality and detailed dyeing and weaving processing support.

Small lot and short delivery time possible

With sufficient production equipment and warehouses for inventory storage, we can deliver small lots with short delivery times.